Can the Wrong Diet Cause COVID Death?

Written and published on 25 November 2020, by Alice B. Clagett

    • The Wife Who Insisted Her Husband Drink Soup
    • The Jewish Man Whose Six Relatives Passed on
    • Could Intravenous Sugar Be Causing COVID Deaths in Hospitals?
    • Sidebar: Could COVID Be a Blessing of Health and Happiness, After All?

Image: “Lieutenant (junior grade) Natasha McClinton, a surgical nurse, prepares a patient for a procedure in the intensive care unit aboard the U.S. hospital ship USNS Comfort. The ship cares for critical and non-critical patients without regard to their COVID-19 status. Comfort is working with Javits New York Medical Station as an integrated system to relieve the New York City medical system, in support of U.S. Northern Command’s Defense Support of Civil Authorities as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” by US Navy Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Sara Eshleman, 23 April 2020, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

Dear Ones,


The Wife Who Insisted Her Husband Drink Soup

There is a couple that I have run across for quite some while in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles, California. I stop by their store every once in a while for a snack, while traveling to West Los Angeles.

Last month I stopped by their store. On the astral airs I heard that the husband had come down with COVID. His wife, who is strong-willed, forced him to drink some soup. He (who was also strong-willed) finished the soup and died.

I remembered my blog on a diet by means of which I survived COVID in early March 2020 …

Link: “Community Health: Diet to Diminish the Harshness of COVID-Like Symptoms,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 10 June 2020 … ..

… and wondered if the husband’s life might have been saved had he not acceded to his wife’s demand that he eat the soup.

The Jewish Man Whose Six Relatives Passed on

I filed that astral story away in my memory, but then came across a similar astral story. I went for routine health maintenance to a doctor. Did he ever look sad. On the astral plane, I asked what was the matter. He said six relatives of his … people who were very important in his life … had passed on of COVID.

I thought it likely, from his name, that he might be of the Jewish culture. I remembered some Jewish friends of mine, in years past, who introduced me to their diet, and that this included eating lots of food, for health. Also, I recall red meat … beef … cooked in various ways, and red wine as beloved dietary customs.

I do not know much more about traditional Jewish diet, but I wondered, with some alarm, if Jewish people might be perishing unnecessarily of COVID from being forced by their family members to eat heavy foods, or to drink alcohol.

Could Intravenous Sugar Be Causing COVID Deaths in Hospitals?

I also thought about my body’s very adverse reaction to sugar when I had COVID, and then thought about the COVID patients in United States hospitals. I wondered if they were being administered intravenous glucose while on ventilators? If that were true, then could it be the glucose is causing these patients to pass on?

I guess there are other cultures round the world that know, as do animals, that it is best to fast on water when very ill, and to find a quiet cubby spot … far from the madding crowd … in which to rest and recuperate. I agree with them, as that technique worked very well for me.


On a similar note, I can tell from the astral airs that false rumors and superstitions are riffing round the noosphere with regard to the COVID pandemic. For instance, I often hear on the astral airs these superstitions …

  • That COVID survivors are ‘COVID carriers’ and ought to be shunned; or …
  • That once you get COVID, you can never get over it.

I have done some reading on COVID …

Link: “Some Have Tested Positive for COVID-19 After Recovering. What Does That Mean? There Is No Conclusive Evidence That People Can Become Reinfected with COVID-19. But Researchers Are Following Thousands of Patients to Be Sure,”  by Erika Edwards, 19 May 2020, in NBC News … ..

Link: “Positive COVID-19 Tests After Recovery Can Be a ‘Red Herring’, Expert Says,” by Anuja Vaidya (Twitter), 8 June 2020 … … COMMENT: 

From that I gather that the scientific understanding of COVID at present conflicts with these superstitions. Rather, I gather, COVID survivors have been found not to carry living COVID virus inside them after a few weeks, or on the outside, after a month or two.

In addition, the current state of scientific understanding of COVID is that having a bout with the virus, and surviving that bout, provides immunity from the disease in the same way that the COVID vaccine is expected to provide immunity. Surviving COVID is like having been vaccinated with the COVID vaccine. It is another way of becoming ‘COVID-safe’.

Congratulations to those of you who have made it through the illness and come out on the other side, still in physical form! And happy thoughts for all those who … if the news is to be believed … are soon to have the new COVID vaccines available to make them COVID-safe without the discomfort of experiencing the full-fledged disease.

Sidebar: Could COVID Be a Blessing of Health and Happiness, After All?

On another (perhaps less popular) note: As a Lightworker, I subscribe to the notion that everything that happens here on Earth, happens for the best teaching of Soul wisdom. We who believe Earth is awakening and going through the Ascension process, look to the positive aspects of world events, rather than their negative side.

As to COVID, my own feeling is that many have chosen to leave physical form right now, in this timeline, moving their Soul Awareness to other timelines more propitious to their own Soul learning.

COVID survivors, on the other hand, may find (as have I) that COVID has leant them new physical strength, somehow upgrading and improving their immune systems and their Light-bearing ability.

For those COVID survivors who thought they could not abide the breadth of Light flow of the kundalini energy, it is possible that your post-COVID, buffed up immune system and electromagnetic system may make the kundalini yoga exercises of 3HO (search youtube) a snap and an easy changeup.

The thing I like best about kundalini yoga is that its practice … even an easy set practiced a half hour daily … creates abundance in my life. That is abundance not only of worldly goods, but also abundance of happiness … happiness in the moment, happiness in human relationships, happiness in the joys of the natural world, happiness at work and at play.



Happiest of Thanksgivings to all the world. And a very happy experience with the new, incoming sunspot that appears to be Earth-directed. I feel that may provide us with a blessing of the Creator’s love for the holidays.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

–from Link: “Can the Wrong Diet Cause COVID Death?” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 25 November 2020 … ..


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