COVID: The Worst May Be Over in the United States . by Alice B. Clagett

Awakening with Planet Earth

Written and published on 7 April 2020

Dear Ones,

There is a chance COVID hospital admissions may peak today for the United States on average.

According to this map, admissions already have peaked in Vermont, New York, Michigan, Louisiana, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, and  will peak this week for a number of other states …

Link: “How Are States Across the U.S. Projected to ‘Flatten the Curve’?” by Elijah Wolfson and Sanya Mansoor, 3 April 2020 … ..

It looks to me, from this article …

Link: “Clinical course and risk factors for mortality of adult inpatients with COVID-19 in Wuhan, China: a retrospective cohort study,” by Fei Zhou, MD, Ting Yu, MD, Ronghui Du, MD, Guohui Fan, MS, Ying Liu, MD, Zhibo Liu, MD, et al, published 11 March 2020, The Lancet, Volume 395, Issue 10229, pp 1054-1062, 28 March 2020, DOI: … See: Figure…

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