The US Economy . Co-creating the American Dream . by Alice B. Clagett

Awakening with Planet Earth

Filmed on 19 February 2016; published on 23 February 2016

    • Development Opportunity: Abandoned Planned Subdivision 40 Miles South of Barstow
    • Route 66 Redevelopment and Resettlement Opportunities
      • Scenes from Route 66, January 2016
    • Not Covered in the News: The Great Slowdown That Is Taking Place in the American Economy
    • Inflation, Perhaps Not Fully Represented in Changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI)
    • Call to Action: Let Congress Consider How to Help Middle America Achieve the American Dream
    • Would a Changeup to Sustainable Living Negatively or Positively Affect Quality of Life in America?
    • Would Less Ownership of Electronics Abate Neighborhood Theft?
    • What Can We Do to Make America a Better Place to Live?
    • Sustainable Living
    • Correlation of Handhelds with Child Crime
    • Consumer Price Index ‘Spin’
    • Mass Media Coverage of Relatively Unimportant News
    • Shall We Abate Factors Giving Rise to Serial Killing, So As…

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