The Los Angeles Economy . by Alice B. Clagettl

Awakening with Planet Earth

Filmed on 13 October 2017

    • On Reducing Landfill by Reusing Road Repaving ‘Scrabble’
    • On Reusing Substandard Thrift Store Fabric as Clothing and Blankets for the Los Angeles Homeless, Rather than Sending It to Other Countries
    • The Hidden Cost of Not Providing Immunizations and Infectious Disease Care for Illegal Aliens in Los Angeles
    • The Importance of Counselling Centers for the Los Angeles Homeless, to Assist Them in Returning to a Productive Life
    • The Hidden Cost of Hiring Illegal Aliens in the Outlying Areas of Los Angeles, Such as the Farming Community
    • The Upward Spiral of Goods and Utilities, and the Downward Spiral of Living Conditions for Those Paying into Our Tax Base
    • On Resigning Ourselves to the Future Prospect of Sustainable Living, Similar to That in Our Grandparents’ Time
    • On the Prospect of a Shift in Attitude, by Those Who Have Achieved Citizenship, Toward…

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