On Corporate Governance and the Bicameral Legislative Model . by Alice B. Clagett *

Awakening with Planet Earth

Filmed and published on 19 October 2015; transcribed on 27 January 2019

    • Early United States Decisions on Governance
    • Might the Bicameral Model Be Useful in the Ethical Governance of Corporations?
    • A ‘What If’ Regarding Alternative Energy
    • Bicameralism as a Compromise between Plutocracy and Rule by the Common Man
    • US History — Who Could Vote
    • Fracking

Dear Ones,

This video is about corporate ethics, and corporate responsibility to the global welfare. There is a description of the early decision to form the United States government with a Senate (representing plutocracy, or government by the wealthy) and the House of Representatives (representing ‘the common man’). The video is about how this model might be applied to corporate governance for the greater global good.

A ‘what if’ is also presented regarding putative corporate ownership of alternate energy patents, the contentious issue of fracking, and the…

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