Natural Geoshelters from the Noosphere during Solar Events . by Alice B. Clagett

Awakening with Planet Earth

Published on 2 June 2016; transcribed on 11 January 2019, revised

    • A Valley That Runs North-South
    • Valley That Runs East-West, with a Natural Barrier at the Eastern End
    • Earth’s Rotation and the Motion of Astral Matter in the Fourth Dimension: A Hypothetical
    • Geostorm Shelter: Effect of Human Population Density
    • Standing in a Bowl of Mountains
    • Standing in a Dirt Bowl Inside a Bowl of Mountains
    • Conclusion

Dear Ones,


Here are a few good rules of thumb about where to locate oneself physically during a Solar Event, so as to shelter from the noosphere and regenerate one’s personal electromagnetic field:

  1. If you get good cell phone reception where you are standing, that is not the best place to be during Solar Events.
  2. If the place where you are standing would make a good cell phone tower location … like the top of a…

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