HIV / AIDS Pandemic: Suggestions for Stabilizing the United States Population . by Alice B. Clagett

Awakening with Planet Earth

Written and published on 23 June 2017; revised on 6 July 2017

    • Figures for Population Decline Because of the HIV Pandemic in the United States
    • Thoughts on Mitigation
      • Better Treatment Methods
      • Better Growth Rate if We Increase the Birth Rate
      • Possible Lifestyle Changes to Assist Population Growth
    •  Thoughts for Parents of Young Children
      • Advantages of Voluntary, Free Testing in Elementary Schools
      • Advantages of Diagnosing and Treating Children
      • Thoughts on Targeting of Elementary School Children by the Drug Trade
      • Drug-Related Violence and HIV Risk in the Santa Monica Mountains
      • Possible Sexual Predators at the Victory Trailhead in the San Fernando Valley
      • Possible Sexual Predators in Chatsworth Park South, in the San Fernando Valley
      • Possible Danger to Young Boys in Matinee and Department Store Restrooms in the San Fernando Valley
    • Positive Possible Changes in Lifestyle to Help Stabilize Our Population
      • On Very Early Marriage, and…

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