Call to Action: Homelessness in the San Fernando Valley . by Alice B. Clagett

Awakening with Planet Earth

Posted on 8 October 2017; revised … new text is in green font

  • Homeless Statistics in the San Fernando Valley
  • Scarcity of Homeless Shelters in the San Fernando Valley
  • On the Notion of Assigning a Parking Lot … Such as the Vacant Costco Parking Lot on Roscoe … for a Temporary Tent Community
  • Neighborhood Watch and Foot Traffic on Our Public Streets
  • Loitering Laws in Los Angeles
  • Can We Provide Safe Places for the Homeless to Store Their Property?
  • On Working Within the Law for a Solution to the Difficult Problem of Homelessness
  • My Thanks to California for Its Positive Regard for the Underprivileged

Dear Ones,


I read there were about 7,600 homeless in the San Fernando Valley, and 58,000 in LA County as of last year … I read this in:

Link: “Homelessness Increased In Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley: The rising…

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