How Much Food and Water Should We Buy to Wait Out the Coronavirus? . by Alice B. Clagett

Awakening with Planet Earth

Written and published on 3 March 2020

Dear Ones,

I took a look at the World Health Organization daily situation reports for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) today …

Link: “Coronavirus Disease (COVID-2019) Situation Reports,” at World Health Organization (WHO) … ..

I see there is a decline in confirmed cases of the virus in the day prior to 2 March 2020 for Hubei, China. According to WHO, the virus broke out there on 31 December 2020. We have 42 WHO reports from 20 January 2020 through 2 March 2020.

Thus we have 20 unreported days and 42 days reported on by WHO, since the outbreak in Hubei. That is a total of 62 days.

If the decline in confirmed cases in Hubei continues in the days to come, then the people of that city will have seen the worst of the outbreak last week. Should this be so, then we…

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